Galletta's Go-Karts, Oswego, NY, USA
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Racing points championship racing from 1996-current
at Galletta's Greenhouse's Go-Kart Speedway
Sundays from June-August & Saturdays from September-October, and summer Fridays at Oswego Speedway.
We race exclusively with limited-modified 5hp Briggs and Stratton flat-head motors all with affordable 100% stock parts.

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Rob Jimenez at the 2006 Galletta's Klassic
Rob at the 2006 Galletta's Klassic on 2006/09/23 - Photo by Gene Galletta, Remastered by Chris Stevens.

Rob Jimenez

Racin' Robbie, Rapid Robbie, Jack-Rabbit Rob

Driven the Galletta's Go-Karts team #5 kart in 2005-2006.

Years Racing Go-karts at Galletta's:

Career highlights:
 Winner of the Galletta's Visitor Total Points Championship in 2005 and 2006. Co-rookie-of-the-year 2005. Won his first feature event in 2006 (to the left). Seriously contended for Klassic victory in 2006, leading many laps. Most-improved driver of 2006. One of the all-time highest scoring drivers in Galletta's All-Time Points History.

Rob's was a regular racer for 2-straight seasons, but his only career win came on September 3rd, 2006, a little more than a month before his premature retirement. He also ran extremely well in the '06 Klassic, being one of the fastest karts that night, leading late and getting passed by eventual-winner Wes while trying to take it easy and conserve fuel.

Where is he now?:
Rob retired in late 2006, probably partially at the demand of his mother. His mom was banned from all three local go-kart tracks (Galletta's, Oswego, and Woodland) in 2006 for [1] fighting multiple times (including her own father days before he died), [2] owing money, and [3] having money disappear whenever she was around. She was invited back at anytime that she issued an apology and also paid back lost has-and-kart-parts money. We hope that all is well with Rob, his lovely girlfriend Amanda Hall, and their children. We would like him to race again someday, but realize that it is probably uncomfortable for him due to his mother's banishment -the only one person the track had to indefinitely suspend. A shame because he was starting to develop into a pretty good racer, and picked up his first win shortly before he quit.

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