Welcome to Galletta's Greenhouses, Oswego, NY!

Providing flowers and plants to Oswego County for well over half a century!

Galletta's entrance (2004 Photo)

Galletta's Greenhouse specializes in top-quality annual flowers, plants, vegetables, planters, hanging baskets, hand-made combination pots, window box/flower box gardens, urns, bedding plants, beautiful two-tier baskets and urns, dish gardens, perennials, annuals, and gift baskets. Enjoy the above slideshow of plants grown in our greenhouses and see that our heart truly is in every flower. We are one of the best kept secrets of Oswego, as we are one of the biggest growers in the county -- yet people still go to chain stores that import plants and flowers from miles around. Help small family businesses stay alive and thrive! Shop at Galletta's!

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We have gift certificates and special made-to-order items per request. Many kinds of tomato and pepper plants, and our expanded greenhouse display area makes more plants readily available. Consider us for the perfect Mother's Day gift basket, decorative Memorial Day planter, or your Spring and Summertime lawn and gardening needs.

We have the finest selections of geraniums, impatiens, petunias, marigolds, pansies, begonias, spikes, ivy, and countless more. We also sell specialty herbs and vegetable plants, including tomato, peppers for those gardening needs. We always take suggestions, so run us a line of you are in need of something grown locally. We update the website annually with hundreds of new pictures, self-help ideas and descriptions, so please come back for more!

Our heart is in every flower because we grow everything we sell.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Still opening on May 1st through Summer annually!

Despite what Google erroneously posted, we are an agriculture store and therefore essential services. We sell garden vegetable plants, and in these times, having your own garden should be a safer and healthier priority for us all! We will be open on our traditional annual opening day, May 1st. Please practice safe social distancing and get your plants at Galletta's.

Always remember to support your small family-owned-and-operated family businesses, and the smaller they are, the more they need your help. Sometimes, people wonder why they disappear. If not enough people support them, they cannot exist


Galletta's Baskets, Impatiens & more (2004 photo)Every May 1st, Galletta's opens its doors to customers (although sometimes when the weather is nice in April, we'll let some early birds in). We are open every day with an annual opening on May 1st through all Summer long (until September). Our hours:

  • Spring Weekday Hours are: 9:30 am-to-dark.
  • Spring Weekend Hours are: 8:30 am-to-dark.
  • Summer Weekday Hours are: 10:30 am-to-dusk.
  • Summer Weekend Hours are: 9:30 am-to-dusk.
  • Fall through Winter: Closed for the season.

Galletta's Greenhouse Patio Display (2004 photo)

We are open daily from May 1st through all Summer long annually. Head grower Matt Stevens in just one of Galletta's many Greenhouses! (2003 Photo)Our motto is "Our Heart is in Every Flower" because for four generations, we are a family-owned and operated small business that grows everything we sell in our nursery. Every plant is hand-planted by our family and grown is from the highest-quality seeds, seedlings, and plugs from the finest companies such as Head Grower Matt Stevens works his mastery of 'Green-Thumbism' learned from his late grandfather, John J. Galletta (2003 Photo)Ball, Proven Winner and other highly respected plant producers. In doing so, we do not grow off of our customers, rather we pass the savings to our customers by doing the work ourselves and not gouging them with unnecessarily high prices. Compare them, and you will be shocked. Do not be fooled by competitors that advertise more. Customers have told us that we have the best quality for the lowest price. Why not shop at Galletta's every Spring and Summer and find out?

NOTES: We hear these false rumors going around, and want to set the record straight. Contrary to some reports...
- We do NOT use harmful chemical pesticides that kill beneficial insects like bees.
- And no, we are not closed. We struggle every year, but since we are family-run, we can stay alive. If we had employees however, we would have closed years ago. It is all run on bare-bones family volunteerism.

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Did Somebody say... Go-Karts?

Yes. In back of our 11 greenhouses, Galletta's Greenhouse moonlights on Summer Sundays and Fall Saturdays as a free-to-watch Go-Kart track with highly competitive races ever since the mid-1990s! Watch head grower Matt Stevens, his brother Chris, and several friends and family members race affordable homemade "Galletta's-Style Hybrid Backyard Racing Karts" weekly for points and YouTube video glory, which we post on our website for the world to enjoy! Hundreds of hours of races on two Oswego-area tracks are free to watch right now! And yes, you can join it! View our website for more info!


NOTE: We are ALWAYS looking for more people to join our club! We race on nominal donations and have several arrive-and-drive karts or can help you build your own!


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Galletta's Greenhouse of Oswego, NY