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Chronological Archive:
Early B&W Strips

1st strip - Towner & Butski

Introduction of Dizzter

Towner meets Cow

More of Cow & Butski

Towner plays race cars, Dizzter plays Transformers

The Cookie Girl Gambit (A Sunday Strip)

Keychain Kitties or Real Kitties?

Keychain Kitty pt. 2

Don't mess with Peter Borg's Tender Viddles!

Princie vs. Keychain Kitty

Garbage Picker Butski & Keychain Kitty alliance

God Doesn't Answer Prayers... Does He?

Ricktor - Master of Flatulence

Public School is scary for a little kid!

Ian "The Brain" is always cooking something up. Usually not as smart as he thinks though....

Ian Throws Down The Gauntlet!

The Legend of Uncle TrOgre Begins!

The Cow's Donut Show! Cost ya' a coin!

Meet Towner's Brother Mush... and his doll Babs....

B&W Dailies & Colored Sunday Strips

Big brother pick on little sibling & evil doll


TrOgre pt.2

TrOgre & The Work Shed

The Trap!

The TrOgre Statue!

Showing off the Hunter's Prize!

Towner's TrOgre Display

Mr. Welphy The Angry Neighbor

Towner wants a race car

Towner & Mush get pedal karts!

Kids Downhill Soapbox Go-Kart racing


Selling Your Childhood Toys for Fun & Profit! [Mixing two of the author's real-life hobbies! Collectibles & Karting!]

Towner Rips Off Dizzy & Buys a Go-Kart!

Bicycle Racing & Brotherly Love

Bucky The Mudlava Monster!

Beach Fun with Towner & Dizzy (Colorized version is print-exclusive)

Colorized version of a summertime boredom Sunday strip

Mrs. Roundtree & Cow's Madness = Lost Sanity

Jo-Jo The Bully Has A Big Butt!

Lying To Bullies for Self-Defense

The 1997 Star Wars Special Editions Had Some Surprises....

Towner Does Not Like Public School...

Will People Please Chain Up Their Big Mean Dogs?! [This really happened to me more times than I can count as a kid! Probably why I'm a cat person!]

The Art of Changing The Subject

Gabby, Long Hair & Towner

Lazy Bean Bag Cat Nap

Towner's Tree Fort Featuring Dizzy vs. Mush

Dizzter, Mush & The Treefort Pt. 1

Dizzter, Mush & The Treefort pt.3

Holiday Strips (Mostly Colored)

Halloween Storyline Start

Hallowoeen #2

Halloween Strip #2 (Colorized Version)

Halloween #3

Halloween #4

Halloween Trick-Or-Treating #5

Halloween Strip Storyline End

Thanksgiving Storyline Start

Thanksgiving Turkeys & Hams?!

Thanksgiving Comic Series #3: Turkey Cookin'

Thanksgiving Comic Series #4 - Dinner is SERVED!

Thanksgiving End

The Forkbees (Crazy Fad Christmas Shopping & Unloved Pets)

Christmas & Holiday shopping trip strip

Christmas #2

Towner Meets Santa Claus

Santa's Wheels!

Towner Hitching a Ride to the North Pole!

Towner Stuck in Santa's Rocket Sleigh!

Reprinting the Towner Comics 1997 Christmas Storyline

Towner Infiltrates Santa's Liar

Collect all 579 million Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joes... ugh... welciome to my life!

Santa and Frosty The Snowman in cahoots!

Santa's GooD/Bad Mainframe Computor Maschine!1!1!!

Meeting Santa's Reindeer

Bringing Towner Home

Christmas Eve! Err... practice run....

Christmas Day Comic!

Newer Strips (Some colorized)

Snow through the eyes of a child... and an adult....

Sledding comics

SNOW DAY! School Closing comic

Excellent weather... for whom?!

Warm weather is NOT good for snow forts...

Towner - THE NINJA!

Towner's Cat Peter Borg!

Mr. Tomkin's Untimely Demise

Circular Reasoning & Fossil Ages

Summertime strips - Cow, Towner & Mush go trekking to find turtles & frogs!

Summertime fun part 2

Towner finds a baby turtle!

Towner on turtle/frog pet care

Mixing my pet turtle hobby with my cartooning hobby... - Chris

A girl in Towner's Treefort?! OUTRAGE! (Until he hits puberty that is...)

Where's Welfdo?

The Welphys go to the beach 1

Welphy Beach 2

Welphy Beach 3

Welphy beach - Old, fat, married men who look at young, toned, single babes on the beach...

Towner At The Beach

Towner dreading the 1st day of school...

Waiting for the school bus with Gabby

Public schools degenerated by leftist relativism

Moral relativism and political correctness run amuck in secular humanist-run  (a religion) public schools

School Trip #1

School Trip 2 - How leftist organizations inflitrate and brainwash students via 1-sided propaganda

School Trip 3

School trip 4 - Not as far-fetched as it seems....

Mama the Butt... another angry neighbor

Commissioned & Specialized Series
(Galletta's Greenhouse Ads)

Mother's Day Strip for Galletta's Greenhouse

Galletta's Greenhouse ad for the Palladium Times, Oswego, NY

Memorial Day (Galletta's Greenhouse Series)

Memorial Day - Remember our soldiers! [For Galletta's Greenhouse]

Galletta's Greenhouse ad (buy your flowers there, oh AND your Towner books!)

Mother's Day! (For Galletta's)

America's #1 Hobby (for Galletta's)

Flower overload at Galletta's Greenhouse!

Towner attacked by hanging baskets! (Galletta's Greenhouse)

Ride the Wave at Galletta's Greenhouse

Huge baskets takig over at Galletta's Greenhouse. Buy them instead of cheapo trash at sprawl-marts or high-priced speciality shops.

Mother's Day Strip on forgottn Grandmothers (for Galletta's Greenhouse)

Galletta's Greenhouse series

*sigh* An example why artists should get paid before doing work. This was produced with no pay, no thanks, no usage, no nothing.

Cartoon for my then-girlfriend

More drawings for my then-girlfriend

Christmas card for my fiance~ (Colored version lost)

Galletta's Greenhouse sure does grow big and strong plants!

Mother's Day (Based after my wife & her mom in Thailand)

Memorial Day Ad

Mush Feeding Plants - Galletta's Greenhouse ad as seen in the Palladium Times Newspaper

Cartoon for my wife & her friends

Cartoon for my wife's previous job in Computer Science

New Character

Cartoon for my wife

Wedding Card Sampler for my wife's friend

Doc Mush - the Plant Doctor!

Mother's Day

Memorial Day Ad for 2005

Mother's Day (Galletta's)

Galletta's Greenhouse - the highest quality flowers for the absolute lowest prices. How do I know? Because I kill myself for almost no pay at both my artwork and working there! LOL!

VOTE INCENTIVE: Christmas Comic for my brother & sister-in-law

In Memorium John Galletta - for Galletta's Greenhouse

Seeds & Memories: Great-Grandpa Galletta Memoriam [GallettasGreenhouse.Com]

Grampa & Mush - Galletta's Greenhouse

Birthday card for Thai Rose (of Oswego, NY) Owner Alek Coon's husband, Rich.

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