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Racing points championship racing from 1996-current
at Galletta's Greenhouse's Go-Kart Speedway
Sundays from June-August & Saturdays from September-October, and summer Fridays at Oswego Speedway.
We race exclusively with limited-modified 5hp Briggs and Stratton flat-head motors all with affordable 100% stock parts at Galletta's, & 5-8hp motors at Oswego.

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Ed Maynes with the Team Maynes #43 kart at the 2006 Galletta's Klassic
Ed Maynes with the Maynes #43 on 2006/09/23 - Photo by Gene Galletta, Remastered by Chris Stevens.

Ed Maynes

Fast-Eddie, Crazy Eddie

Head man of Team Maynes (several karts in his stable).

Years Racing Go-karts at Galletta's:
Ed and his sons retired during the 2007 season and sold all the karts in his stable.
Galletta's Karting Club Website
Eddie Maynes bio

Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Club
(and Backyard Speedway):

Ed's Positioning in the
Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Speedway All-Time Points & Wins List
from 2000-2012, the only class in the history of the track.

Unpaid logo - The Oswego Kartway used these logos and banners on their website and printed materials for the 2008 season, and never paid ChrusherComix Studios for them!

Oswego Speedway Dirt / Oswego Kartway
(Gas Stock Dirt Kartway Division):

Ed's Positioning in the
Oswego Speedway / Kartway 1-WD Gas All-Time Points & Wins List
from 2006-2008, the largest class in the history of the track.

Dec 31, 2018 All-Time Wins & Points [2000-2018]

Career highlights w/Complete Videos:

Jul 16, 2006 -  7/16/2006 – Hot Pink Ed Maynes Wins & 7/14 Oswego Speedway Dirt Conquered by Brian Bortel +YouTube
Jul 02, 2006 -  7/2/2006 – Matt Stevens Wins 12-Kart at Galletta’s & Ed Maynes Wins 5-Kart Oswego Speedway Dirt Feature on 6/30/2006 +YouTube


Ed effectively only came back for a couple of races in 2007. After wrecking curiously badly in the opener (crashing through a greenhouse? Seriously? We've been racing since the 1990s, and that has only happened this one time!), and then getting caught in a small mishap on 9/03/2007's Labor Day Weekend Race, seen here in a YouTube video clip, he has not been seen nor heard from again.


Ed raced 13 features at Galletta's, winning one, and came in 8th in the points at Galletta's. He also ran 5 races at the Oswego Speedway's Dirt Kartway (Dirt Gas Stocker Kart division) and won one there as well, before being wrecked and nearly coming to blows with the OHV Outlaws. He also stormed off during the 2006 Klassic because his sons were seen driving dangerously reckless.

2006 Race #16: 9/23/2006 11th Annual Galletta's Klassic 150 - Ed Maynes time-trialed his potent Maynes #43 to start 4th in the fiercest, fastest-paced, closest, and most competitive Classic in history. Wesley Ogre Stevens (#4), Chris Stevens, (#8/#3) Matt Stevens (#33) and Robbie Jimenez (#5) battled on equal footing for the lead, but the event was marred early by the actions of Team Maynes. Three drivers (Dick Dann. Gary Miller and Kyle Reuter), two flaggers, and the property owner witnessed Ed's sons involved in multiple wrecks - some appearing very intentional, and one where they hurt themself. Then, when Ed was asked to talk to his sons about the wrecks, he stormed off in a fit of irrational and nonsensical anger, taking his sons, Jason Mills, and himself out of the race.

7/7/2006: Oswego Speedway Dirt Track Operator Allowed Wrecks & Cheered Fights - On Friday, July 7th 2006, Ed Maynes stopped racing at the track after he was seemingly purposefully (Even one track employee did tell us that the tape showed #57 of Mike Billion making contact to spin Maynes out and take lead) wrecked out of a possible win while leading, and he and his family were almost attacked and members of the OHV Outlaws at Oswego. Ed, Brian Bortel, and Matt Stevens all were directly involved with accidents with Mark Miller and Mike Billion, all for the top two spots. However, neither Mark nor Mike went to the back as Ed, Brian, and Matt rightly did. It became apparent to the drivers and several spectators that Mike & Mark appeared to both be blocking and crashing into anybody who got close to them. Team Maynes and the Outlaws then had a verbal argument in the pits after the race, which almost got physical, until track officials stepped in. Track Operator Jim Losurdo perversely cheered the fights, and some believe he orchestrated them as revenge for the disputes we had at Galletta's over motors in 2005! Team Mayes never returned to the track. More...
6/30/2006 at Oswego Speedway's NEW Dirt Track! - On Friday, June 30th 2006, a handful of the Galletta's Go-Kart Association ventured to the Oswego Speedway's new Dirt Track and put on another exhibition of our Galletta's-type "limited modification Yard Karts", again being the biggest, and most competitive series at the track BY FAR. Ed Maynes won both his 10-lap heat and the 20-lap feature in his own #43 kart, fighting off challenges from Brian Bortel, Wes and Chris Stevens. More...
2006 Race #6 - 7/16/2006 - Ed Maynes (in his freshly painted "hot pink" #43 making good on a dare from Kris Pitsley) inherited the lead late and flat out controlled the rest of the race, as nobody - not even the usually dominant Matt Stevens - could get close to him after the following restarts. Thus making karts painted "Hot Pink" undefeated 1-1 all-time at Galletta's! More...


Ed raced 13 features at Galletta's, winning two, and came in 11th in the points at Galletta's Raceway, and Ed missed a handful of races because the OHV Outlaws in their race-altered 6.5hp motors pissed him off to the point of not coming out to compete in the very races he loved in protest. However, after the Outlaws quit (because the refused to run the same motors, get tires with less digging studs, and/or run their own class) an injured back took him out of getting a second shot at a covered Galletta's Klassic Championship title.

2005 race #18 - 9/24/2005: 10th Annual Galletta's Klassic 135 - Four slipped discs prevented Ed Maynes from attempting to race the grueling 130-lapper, although he qualified for the race with a fast time trial (which would've placed him near the middle of the pack in his #18 kart). His son, Kenny Maynes raced the Maynes #18 in his place, and Ed took over as head flagman along with his son Chris Maynes.
2005 Season at Galletta's Greenhouse Motorsport Speedway 2005 Race #7 - 7/17/2005 - Ed Maynes (Maynes #18) inherited the lead with four laps remaining to win the highly controversial, hot, humid, and overcast afternoon July 17th 50-lap event. Raindrops started falling as Ed crossed the finish line, but that was far from the whole story in this hectic and hotly contested race, which involved Mike Billion purposefully wrecking Chris Stevens out of the lead with four laps to go, but also maliciously wreck him a second time while coming up through the field after that, breaking Chris' #8's steering column (and almost injuring him)! More...
Eddie Maynes wins the 6/5/2005 opener! 2005 Race #1 - 6/05/2005 - Ed Maynes (in his own #18) stormed from 8th to 1st in just two laps to take a commanding lead in the opening week of the 2005 racing season... and outstanding performance that proclaimed Ed was out for vengence after his disappointing breakdown while leading the 2004 Klassic. Matt Stevens (in his Galletta's #3) was on Ed's tail, but didn't have enough to get him.


Ed Maynes came out to race at Galletta's well into the 2004 season when one of his best friends Jason Mills invited him out. He loved it, and did extremely well in the Galletta's #2. Ed would then become one of the very first drivers to bring their own karts to the track, rather than just race Galletta's Greenhouse house karts. This led to a new era of people bringing their own karts all of the time, and expanded the club's already fun and deep competition! Ed won three features in this rookie season, and shared rookie-of-the-year honors.

Galletta's 2004 Kart Klassic start!

Chris Stevens (in his Galletta's #8) time-trialed into the coveted outside pole position, but it was Ed Maynes (in his #18) on the inside pole that took the lead and lapped half of the field of competitors within the first quarter of the race. This surprised everybody, as the usual strategy is to take it easy, save the kart, the track, and fuel for the marathon endurance race.

 Galletta's 2004 Kart Klassic

Ed Maynes in his green #18 completely dominated the first portion of the race, not only leading, but pulling away, putting a few karts down one lap, and one kart down at least two. He led the first 41 laps without one challenge, as several of the other drivers chose to try and save their karts, while Ed's was try to lap everybody. But, did his strategy backfire?

Fun Facts:

  • One of the top-point earners and winningest drivers in Galletta's Karting Club History.

  • Had a short, but good showing at the Oswego Speedway Dirt Track (later named Oswego Kartway).
  • One of the fastest drivers to collect a win in Galletta's Go-Kart history.

  • Several career wins at Galletta's. Still leads in visitor wins years after his self-imposed retirement.

  • Fast and a hard-charger, Ed is always a Feature & Klassic contender (if he stays for the finish, that is. Perhaps his biggest weakness is getting frustrated after a wreck or spin, and early, angry exits from the track were first called "Doing an Ed Maynes", but after Ed left, Gary Miller not only took the mantle, but he did the angry temper tantrum exit even more, and it is now known as "Doing a Gary Miller.").

  • Dominated the early-going of the 2004 Galletta's Klassic 130, lapping several competitors during the first 20 laps, but he raced so hard during the first half of the 130-Lap event that he broke while leading by nearly a track margin and could not recover in time, only finishing 4th. According to the tapes, his sons were freakin' pissed at this that they wanted to punch Chris Stevens! (........Wait... um... why was that Chris' fault?)

  • One win at Oswego Speedway Dirt Track's Gas Stock Karting Division in 2006. He, like many others, refused to go back to the Oswego Kartway after track operators allowed some drivers to use larger (and even race-modified) OHV motors, intentionally wreck then not go to the back after a wreck, and even fight with people just because they were "buddies" with the operators. This may have, unfortunately, taken Ed's heart out of racing anywhere, as he cut down his racing after this.

  • Always fast and competitive, but would often take weeks off for unknown reasons, therefore taking himself out of points title contention, as he would be at or near the top if he did not do this. Often quiet, sometimes mild-mannered, sometimes fiery, he takes himself out of serious contention with his mood swings. Again, he retired in 2007 despite the fact that he is always fast and always a threat to win any race he enters.

  • [2010 Update: However, teammate Jason Mills did admit that Ed was experimenting with racing cams in 2004-2006, when no other driver in our club was doing so - in 2007, we allowed only HEAVIER drivers (those over 200 lbs. at least) race cams, years before Ed was allegedly using them, and Ed was possibly the lightest driver on our track - which, in hindsight, may explain his illogically quick rise to instant feature win competitor and exceptional win percentage beyond the normal learning curve that 99% of new drivers in our historical roster have had. This is sad, as we felt he was just a good and passionate driver, but this indeed takes some of the importance off of his success.]

Ed Maynes only ran 2 races in 2007 despite racing for much of the 2004-2006 seasons and compiling several wins and a lot of top-5 finishes. However, he got collected in a small mishap during the 2nd heat here and retired for the year. He then sold this kart. Everyone at Galletta's wants him and his team to race a full-time basis and hopes he returns.... after he (1) gets a hold of his temper, (2) stops cheating, and (3) stops diddling girls that maybe he shouldn't be diddling legally and morally....

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